My Girlfriend Dumped Me

2nd Chance

What To Do To Win Her Back

Ok, so your girlfriend has ended your relationship and you are feeling terrible. Perhaps she decided to take up with someone else, or she wants some space. Regardless of the excuse she gave you, none of it probably makes sense to you right now. Take a step back and calmly let it sink in. If you really believe that the relationship is worth fighting for, don't panic, you still have a good chance of being able to win her back. Trying to get back together within a reasonably short time frame has to be your top priority if your girlfriend dumped you and you want her back.

Right now, it might all seem a bit too much, particularly if your girl has eyes for another guy. Regardless of the circumstances, winning your ex girlfriend back is possible if you are willing to work at it. There is a good chance that you have already tried to get back with her a number of times with no success. Your girlfriend has broken up with you, and you must take control of the situation and work hard to convince her to believe she has made a big error. By that, I don't mean literally telling her the above, but implying it by your behavior.

2nd Chance

My Girlfriend Dumped Me: Laying the foundations for winning her back

What can you do to achieve this? Start by keeping calm. Stop the endless telephone calls to her for the time being. It appears to be a universal trait for guys to form this destructive habit nearly automatically. No matter how desperate you are to talk to her, bothering her constantly with emails, texts, or phone calls is not the answer. If you want to get back with her this needs to stop s it will only turn her off.

If a relationship starts back up again after a breakup, it must do so naturally. Remember back to when the two of you initially met. Did you lay it on so thick back then? I'm begging you to be my girl since I simply cannot imagine life without you!!! Or were things simply allowed to develop naturally? Il bet the latter is true.. A relationship can't be forced. Both people have to want to make it work. Although the time will come for a fresh start with her, right now is not the proper moment. You should instead subtly try to gain her attention and her interest again.

My Girlfriend Dumped Me: Regaining her interest

So how do you go about regaining her interest? Improve yourself. If you've been putting anything personal off like getting a degree, changing your image, or taking up a new hobby, then this is the time to make it happen. It will help you get it together and will improve your self-esteem. You need to stop moping around feeling sad and get some fun back in your life. Getting out in to the world and interacting with people is by far the best way to get your confidence back after being dumped.

Once you cease and desist from the constant phone calls, you will start to be on her mind more often. Lots of things will stimulate her memories of you such as when she hears certain songs, sees certain people, etc. This happens all by itself, you don't need to force it. Meanwhile, you will be out and about, living it up as a bachelor, or at least trying to make it seem as if you are. Should you have mutual friends, never say anything negative about your state of mind, just tell them good stuff. Let people know about the changes you have made in your life since the breakup such as the new clubs or societies you have joined, the evening classes you have enrolled in etc. Word will get back to her eventually that you are taking positive steps in life. Keep in mind that she dumped you, and she will be curious as to why you seem to be doing just fine.

After you begin to appear happy, with a positive outlook, she will wonder what has happened to you. Don't worry if she is with another man, because the excitement of her new relationship will quickly wear off. This is especially true if she hears you are happy and moving on.

2nd Chance

My Girlfriend Dumped Me: Waiting for her to make contact

Carry on getting out and about, hanging out with your friends, and try to be happy! Wait until your girlfriend decides to make contact. It was your girlfriend who put an end to the relationship, so she is the one who has to make the decision to get in touch with you. In the event that she fails to make contact, she simply isn't worth fighting for. While this can be hard to swallow, you should actually be happy. You have escaped from a woman who didn't really love you. When a woman just isn't into you, there isn't a lot of point in trying to work on the relationship. Why not get out there and find a girl who loves you for the person you are. You have more than likely already met some new interesting and attractive women in your newly improved social life.

More often than not however, she will call you to talk. The very first time that you speak with her, don't forget to adopt a cool manner. This has to be balanced however; you shouldn't be so cool you seem cold and uninterested. You need her to realize she can fix things if she wants to make the effort. You need her to believe that you are ok on your own, but that you do miss her. It can be a difficult balance, but is imperative that you master it if you want to win your girlfriend back after she dumped you.