My Girlfriend Wants a Break, What Do I Do?

2nd Chance

"I think it's time for us to have a break from each other". "I just need some space for a while". Nearly every man hears these words at some time or other during his life. Because you are here, I'm assuming that it was your time to hear them. Don't panic, a break is usually far less serious than you think. You still have a good chance of getting your relationship back on track if you follow the tried and tested advice in this article.

My girlfriend wants a break, but what exactly does a break mean?

A break is a bit like a time out. Your relationship certainly isn't over, but your girlfriend has decided to put things on hold for a while. Typically, girls want some space for one of two reasons. The first is that they still have strong feelings for their guy, but want some time to themselves. The problem could be nothing to do with the man, and could be down to problems in her family or being very busy and stressed at work. In such cases, the relationship has a really good chance of surviving. The second reason is that your girlfriend isn't sure about your relationship, and wants some time to think about if you are the right guy for her. Should this be the case, it may transpire that she doesn't want to continue seeing you. Your girlfriend might ask for a break instead of breaking up because she is a bit scared of telling you, or because she doesn't want to hurt you. More than likely though, taking a break doesn't tend to be as serious as actually breaking up, so there is a really good chance that the relationship can be repaired.

2nd Chance

My Girlfriend Wants A Break - Does this signal trouble for the relationship?

To be honest, when a girl tells you she wants a break, it might signal trouble. The way you respond makes a big difference. If your girlfriend wants a break, keep in mind that she wants to get away from your relationship for a while. Many guys instinctively try to pull their girlfriends in closer in the fear that the relationship might end. They have the urge to fix everything and work it all out straight away, but this will never work.

Remember that your girlfriend wants a break from being together. It is a bad move to try to pull her back in with a lot of affection and by being too clingy. That's not what she wants. She is looking for a little room to breathe and to think.

My Girlfriend Wants A Break - What can I do to repair the relationship?

Although it may not seem natural and might go against what you really want to do, the key really is to give her all the time and space she needs to think things over. Chances are that by doing this, you will gain respect from her. She could also come to realize that she actually misses you, and that life was better when you were a part of it. In the end, you may not only win your girlfriend back, but you could also end up with an even better relationship than you previously had with her.

It might be hard to back off and give your girlfriend space when she wants a break. Especially when this goes against what you want to do, which is to get her back asap. But you need to be strong. Take my word for it that the whole time she will be thinking of you. If you keep busy by getting out and socializing she will realize what she is missing and want you back.

2nd Chance

Take the opportunity to see old friends, take up a new hobby, or join a new club in your local area. Do something that brings you pleasure and stop thinking about your girlfriend. Also this gives you the extra advantage of being able to talk about something interesting the next time your girlfriend needs to contact you again.

I understand how confusing it may be if your girlfriend wants a break. You don't know for sure if she is ending the relationship with you or not. But believe me, most likely she is confused too and needs some time alone to consider things. The best thing to do is let her have some space and a chance to miss you. Keep yourself occupied and this difficult time will become easier. You will also have fun meeting lots of new people and enjoying new experiences.

Most likely she will decide that she misses you and will make contact to talk things through. At this point you need to emphasise all the fun you have been having, but also make it known to her that if she wants to repair the relationship then there is a chance to do this. The key is to not appear either too desperate or too cold. It can be difficult but you really have to try, as your best chance of getting a second chance rests in your ability to juggle these two factors.